Awkward place

I am at a awkward place in my life. I mean I love where I am at, family-wise. I have an amazing husband that supports me in every way. I have been blessed with 3 overall healthy, loving kids. While my sister does live halfway across the country from me, I still feel like my family is close.
However, I am at an awkward place in clothes. I have been trying to come to grips with my post-multiple-babies-in-very-short-amount-of-time bod. I have stablized at a weight that while it isn’t my favorite isn’t bad. However my clothes seem to be lacking. I have a ton of jeans, but no real style. I look online and feel too old for popular clothes (ie-forever21, ae, hollister,etc), too underdressed (ie-no need for work attire aside from church), or that I would be trying too hard (too styled for a day at home with kids or out pushing kids in swings/playing in dirt at park). Clothes that I have in my closet are pre-baby (just fit different now) or in-between clothes (those that cover growing or shrinking baby belly). But I think my biggest problem is I really don’t know how to shop for me anymore. I can’t really drag 3 small kids to try on clothes. I don’t know what styles are ok for me (upper 20s but conservative mom). And styles that I like a lot, like white pants with cute top, are just so impractical that I end up closing my computer or running to kids store at mall instead.
So for now I guess I will be stuck in awkward clothes. Hopefully I will figure it out eventually. Until then I will be in my cheap-ish jeans and t shirts that get dirty in kids play.