So the boys have been anxious to learn about new things for school. We don’t have a printer so all the worksheets so far have been hand-drawn. This makes “doing school” a bit more labor intensive than normal. I have also been trying to finish up filling out the curriculum to print (once we have a printer or I concede and go over to my parents for a marathon printing session). So official school time has been hit or miss with lots of play and reading instead. However the other day the boys specifically asked to do school. So that meant I had to come up with a unit that required minimal paperwork to recreate…

enter in robots!

We practiced writing our Rs and also┬áreviewed what the little “r” looks like (and did a little robot dancing too! Gotta love that):

robots Collage1

Then we┬áreviewed our shapes with this first robot creation…

robots Collage2

Then we created another robot (which because it was 3D, it was that much more fun for the boys to make!) Don’t you just love J’s robot’s nose! I still have to work on getting J to turn his J around, but it is just so cute.

robots Collage3

Lastly we practiced our counting by adding up the buttons on our math robots: (J’s expression was “There are too many buttons!” I reminded him to take it one robot at a time and by the end, he was so proud that he had been able to do it all!)

robot math collage

Overall it was a fun quick unit that boys loved. It also revitalized my drive to not just prep for school, but actually to do it!