Seattle Vacation

Last week, we took a family vacation. It has been almost a year since we took a vacation. (Well, Husband technically had vacation in May when we moved but all of our funds were tied up in house buying and stuff moving.) So for us, it was time to get a vacation again. We eneded up in Seattle. Husband and I both wanted to go there and the budget allowed it so off we went. (Crazy fact for you- it was the same price to fly to Seattle and stay there for 4 days as it would have been to drive down to Anaheim (about 6 hours), stay in the Paradise Pier hotel, and play in Disneyland for 2 days!)

Anyways, we went, we explored, and we had fun just relaxing and reconnecting as a family…

The first day was recovering from the 4am wake up call and then taking a nice walk at the waterfront park that was so wonderfully close to the hotel.


The next day we walked the city center (isn’t pretty how the cloud/fog covered the needle. It was eerie and pretty at the same time.), took the monorail over to Pike Place Market, and ended the day with a long walk at the same waterfront park. This time walking the half mile down to Olympic Sculpture Park.

morning1 Collagemonorail CollagepikeplaceCollageolympicpark Collagepark-sunsetCollage family-seattle

We spent a day with family up at their house in Northern Washington. It was nice to visit and have a relaxing day. Our final day was a trip to the Museum of Flight. This museum is amazing and I wish the kids would have cooperated and let Husband and I read more. IF Husband and I get a couples trip, I might ask to visit this museum again.

museumCollagemuseum2Collage museum3Collage

And last up was waiting for our plane at the airport. The kids were getting restless (at their typical bedtime but our plane didn’t leave until 8:30p) so we put on some cartoons on our phones and they crowded around to watch.


Overall, a very good vacation. But as with most vacations, it was nice to get back and get back to our normal routine.


Camping hits and misses

Hit: Boys love the trailer. We had a countdown from 8 days to when we would be leaving to go camping.
Miss: Kids are so excited we are camping that bedtime is horrible. G was up to 9 (normal being 6:30/7) and the boys were up to 10:30 (normal being 7:30/8).
Hit: We have wonderful family time. J and E talk and coo to G when she was crying. Husband is getting tons of time with all 3 kids.
Miss:So much family time that results in pushing buttons, throwing more tantrums, and just having very stressful moments.
Hit:We went up to Portland to visit with my in-laws. A day at the zoo allowed for close interaction between kids and grandparents (who they don’t see very often) without too much shyness.
Miss: The extra time to drive up to Portland meant an incredibly long drive back home. Think about 13 hours in the car with all the kids. Husband is driving and I am trying my best to entertain or pacify everyone. My sanity maybe questionable after this trip.
Hit: We were able to gain some wonderful memories and enjoy some great time together.


whole family on jet boat ride

Vacation-part 1

We just got back from our Disney trip. It went well. The boys did okay on drive aside from last half hour of LA traffic-laden driving. We stayed in Paradise Pier (one of the hotels on Disneyland resort). The view was amazing of the CA Adventure park.


Overall I didn’t plan what to do each day-Husband likes to just go with the flow or so he says. So in our 3 days of park time we had only 1 night pre-planned. I figured with our kids being so little we should pay the extra and do the expensive dinner package to get the best view of the nighttime water show “World of Color”. It came with a high-end meal (Husband was very impressed with the food and didn’t even care how much it cost). I mean look at this dessert sampler!
Then later that night we got priority spots (on deck closest to water) for best view. As we waited for show to start both boys fell asleep in the stroller. We figured it was 2 hours past bedtime so  that was ok…but we also thought because we were right under a speaker they would wake up for the show. Nope. J and E slept through the entire loud show. I didn’t know if I should be disappointed that they missed the show or happy that they were getting much needed sleep. I went with happy.