Happy anniversary!

This past week Husband and I celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary. I especially liked this particular year because it marks the point in which we have now been married for as long as we dated. We were so young when we met that we had to mature according to Husband dated longer to be able to finish college (me) and be more established in career (Husband).
I can’t believe how fast our world changed but I felt like we have only grown closer as we experienced it all. We have had some low points that had us begging God to give us the knowledge and strength to do what was best for our little family. And we have had many high points (three of which are sleeping peacefully upstairs) that we have praised God for how much he has given us.
So, Husband, here is to us. May we continue to grow together. May we communicate to the best degree we can to ensure our marriage is strong and our kids are growing up right. Here is to another, hmm, 80 years together. I love you….
Ps-we were a little nuts and drove the 9 hours with all the kids to Vegas to enjoy some time together. We made it through exhausted but this was of hotel room view.


Not too bad 😉 We are back home and going back to our regular routine once again.