I have made posts on J’s talking before-whether being worried that he wasn’t making enough discernable words or that I am glad in retrospect that I didn’t give in to “your baby can read”.
J is still making a ton of progress. He is making full sentences. For example we were stroller shopping and he tried one out (the kind that he stands up in the back rather than sits) and he announced very loudly, “Dad this is so fun”. It has been fun to watch his vocabulary grow and see how he takes in and responds to conversations. 
Also in a previous post I mentioned how Husband and I cleaned and organized the garage. Afterwards, Husband made an observation that made me laugh. He said that J was talking so much there were times where he couldn’t concentrate on the measurement or project he was doing.
So now I think we are past that worry and onto the next. After all isn’t that a parent’s life-to worry about one thing or another about your kids.